Why Yacht Cruises Are Popular

Why Yacht Cruises Are Popular


Yacht cruising is a segment that’s becoming more and more popular among travelers. Some of our clients have “been there, done that” on larger ocean cruises and want a more intimate experience. Others have found that traditional river cruise market is getting too crowded. Yacht cruising offers the best of all worlds: access to remote coastal destinations, the finest personal service, adventures and amenities that no other lines offer, all combined with the fun and flair of ocean liners.

Here are 5 of our favorite yacht cruise lines and some of their newest ships.

Crystal Cruises

In one month the newest Crystal yacht makes her debut. The strikingly beautiful Crystal Esprit, like its bigger sisters Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity, will pamper passengers with exquisite cuisine, flawless service and access to “storied waters and hidden harbors” not reached by other ships. But with only 62 guests, the atmosphere is even more like an élite gathering of good friends.

Passengers can enjoy water sports such as water skiing, kayaking, jet skiing, Zodiac excursions and more. We’re particularly excited about a 12-passenger “mini yacht” and a two-person submarine for an uncommon undersea experience.

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Ponant Yacht Cruises

Launched in 2015, the 224-passenger Le Lyrial is a sister ship to Le Boreal, L’Austral, and Le Soleal. Le Lyrial features a sleek décor featuring a variety of blues that recall the sea and the sky.

The wine and gourmet cuisine evoke Ponant’s decidedly French roots. She sails the warm waters of the Greek Isles and the Mediterranean, but was built with the fortitude to guide her passengers through the ice-filled Antarctic.

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SeaDream Yacht Club

If you relish the kind of personalized service when crew members quickly learn your name and your food and drink preferences, then book a Caribbean or Mediterranean yacht cruise on SeaDream I and SeaDream II. Each ship caters to just 112 passengers, a number that will let you easily imagine that the ship is yours alone. Crew members quickly become friends and the captain may be your personal tour guide through the secluded places you’ll visit.

The watersports platform launches a variety of watersports, and also offers a sailboat and a banana boat. We love the idea of sleeping under the stars in comfort and luxury. Passengers can reserve a Balinese bed for a night, appointed with fine linens and furnished with a bottle of champagne for a very special evening.

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Windstar Yacht Cruises

Windstar has expanded its fleet of luxury yachts in 2015 with Star Breeze and Star Legend. Each of these 212-passenger yachts underwent an $8.5 million renovation. Public spaces have been reimagined to take advantage of the views. The décor has been updated and the furnishings upgraded. In addition, every suite has been renovated for your pleasure. Suite upgrades include large picture windows and separate living areas.

Dining spaces have also been expanded and refreshed. Be sure to dine at Candles Grill, and enjoy a magical dining experience under the stars.

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Un-Cruise Adventures

Un-Cruise Adventures brings small groups together for in-depth endeavors. In Hawaii, you’ll snorkel through coral gardens, ascend waterfalls and swim with gentle Pacific Manta Rays.In Central America, hike lush jungles and discover native species with expert guides. How about discovering the Snake River and the American West aboard an 88-guest replica coastal steamer?

Un-Cruise Adventures features a fleet of vessels from boutique yachts and expedition ships, with passenger capacities under 100. Ships are casual and comfortable, yet loaded with amenities. The varied itineraries, with many included excursions reveal one-of-a-kind experiences.

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