Why Travelers Love Oceania Cruises

Why Travelers Love Oceania Cruises


In ten short years, Oceania Cruises has risen to the exclusive rating as the world’s elegant upper premium cruise line.

Glowing Oceania reviews have poured in from travel forums, as well as from Key Traveler’s own large and loyal clientele. They have consistently praised their culinary experiences, and Oceania’s friendly and helpful staff, the in-depth itineraries, the casual atmosphere and most of all, the value.

Anyone want good food? Where good is not good enough

Oceania Cruises culinary experiences rival many five-star restaurants around the world. Your dining pleasures are freshly prepared, “cooked to order “entrees. Theme restaurants onboard include the Polo Grill, not only a world-class steakhouse but also offering seafood delicacies such as whole Maine lobsters; Toscana, a gourmet’s delight for Italian inspired dining. On the Marina and Riviera are two additional Oceania exclusive restaurants. Red Ginger serves authentic Asian Fusion cuisine and Jacques, the signature dining venue of the legendary Jacques Pepin, allows guests to experience French country delights in an elegant, but still casual, atmosphere. If you are a sea bass fan, try the caramelized version in Red Ginger. Yumm. I also recommend the Veal Marsala in Toscana-tender morsels of thinly sliced veal in a mushroom wine sauce- the tastiest I have ever experienced.

But the best news of all is that each of Oceania’s four specialty restaurants is offered at no additional charge.

The Grand Dining Room is available without reservations as is the Terrace Café. The Terrace Café needs mentioning as an alternative for those wishing for a buffet like no other at sea. Where can you order filet mignon and lobster tails cooked to order, opened and split king crab legs (no fighting with those “lobster crackers” to dig out the crabmeat), and an array of international delicacies that change from night to night?

During sea days, we lunched at the outdoor grill between the pool and the Terrace Café. Just place your order for burgers-meat or turkey, filet mignon sandwiches, salads or fish, let the server know where you’re sitting and make yourself comfortable.

For those that desire a more unique culinary experience, reservations are available at Oceania’s exclusive La Reserve, a seven course wine pairing dinner spectacle. By the time we finished the 7th course, we glanced at each other- and the other 22 guests- and wondered how we could consume all that wonderfully prepared food and the varieties of wine without feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to make your reservations early as the limit is only 24 guests each evening.

Good Day & Can I Help You?

Feeling special is a given on an Oceania Cruise. The staff is not only well trained, but also some of the friendliest you will ever see, on land or sea. When a mechanic is roaming a deck to attend to an issue, and stops to wish you a good day, that’s as good as it gets. By the end of your cruise, you may wonder why the “Oceania Attitude” is not practiced everywhere. Isn’t it just as easy for crew members to smile and offer a friendly “hello sir or ma’am” than go about their business and only do their job? Do you remember when the wait staff would offer to bring your food from the buffet to your table? On Oceania, it is part of the culture.

We’re Going Where?

When you look at Oceania Cruises’ ports of call, you will notice more overnight visits and extended evening stays than ever offered before. Oceania pays a lot of attention to travelers’ feedback regarding itineraries, and plans well in advance to anticipate the wants and desires of her past guests. Their mid-size ships call on a vast variety of smaller towns that larger cruise ships cannot dock. In many cases, due to the size of the ships, Oceania docks right off the town so tendering is not required. Just this year, our cruise on Riviera commenced in Monte Carlo and was docked just in front of the Grand Casino along with the multimillion dollar yachts.

So What’s it Worth to You?

Value is a personal decision. What you perceive as a good value is not always about the lowest price. Any cruise line can take you from port to port. Value is about expectations. If Oceania Cruises meets or exceeds your expectations, then it is good value. If you do not expect compromises, then Oceania Cruises is good value. If wonderful food, friendly and attentive staff in a casual atmosphere, and carefully chosen itineraries are uppermost on your wish list, then Oceania has met the greatest value of all – your satisfaction.