Top 23 Travel Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets

Top 23 Travel Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets


We at Key Traveler love our technology, so we’ve compiled a list of travel apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy smart phones and tablets.

Thanks to technology, global WiFi and a preponderance of smart mobile devices, travelers no longer have to be apprehensive about where to go, what to see, how to get there and more. With the number of people who own smartphones approaching 1 billion (and this number doesn’t even include tablet owners), the appeal of mobile travel apps is larger than ever.

Competition amongst travel app designers has served to benefit consumers with lower prices and more bells and whistles.

In particular, travelers appreciate programs that make planning, as well as the trip itself, easy and enjoyable. Here are our some of our favorites.

Free Apps for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Android smart phones and Blackberry

Many free apps are actually “lite” versions of apps for purchase. Lite versions have fewer bells and whistles than the full-fledged programs, but are still great for the average user.

TripIt – This one is at the top of most lists of best travel apps. Enter your flights, cruises, tours, hotels and other travel info, and TripIt creates a complete itinerary. Syncs to your email, and updates your itinerary if changes are sent to you.

iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry

Simply Pack – A terrific packing list app. Check off items as you pack and revise or reuse lists for the next trip.

iPhone, iPad

Wikihood – This app uses your phone’s GPS to locate landmarks of interest near where you are.

iPhone, iPad, Android

Find My iPhone – Install this app on all your mobile devices, and use one to find another one that goes missing. It will locate your device on a map or emit a loud sound (this works even if your device is in silent mode). The app can remotely lock your device or, in extreme circumstances, erase all data.

iPhone, iPad

Google Translate – Type or speak it in English, choose the language you want to translate to, and your translation appears onscreen or can be spoken aloud.

iPhone, iPad, Android

Skype – The mobile app version of Skype uses WiFi to allow users to make phone calls for pennies.

iPhone, iPad, Android

Foodspotting – If you like to eat, you’ll love this app. Foodspotting not only finds restaurants where you are and provides ratings, but provides ratings of individual dishes!

iPhone, iPad, Android

mPassport – Finds English-speaking emergency and routine medical service providers based on your GPS location, including dentists and pharmacies. One feature we love: translates names and dosages of most of the common medications.

iPhone, iPad

World Customs & Cultures – Do you bow or shake hands? Should you take off your shoes? Must you keep your knees and shoulders covered? This app answers questions about local customs and culture for a plethora of destinations.

iPhone, iPad

Oanda Currency Converter – Converts currencies based on daily bank rates.

iPhone, iPad, Android

Urbanspoon – A restaurant finder with a twist (or, more accurately, a shake). Enter your location, your food & price preference, shake your phone, and your screen turns into a video slot machine. Watch as the winning results fall into place.

iPhone, iPad, Android

Weather Channel – View current weather and forecasts for cities all over the world.

iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry

TripWolf – Combines published travel guides with posted traveler tips. Guides can be downloaded and used offline while traveling.

iPhone, iPad, Android

Low Cost Apps for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Android smart phones and Blackberry

Again, some of these apps have more expensive “full” versions, but we like these versions just fine for the price.

What’s App – A texting app that bypasses your standard texting rates. Especially worthwhile if you’re traveling out of the country. Both sender and receiver need to install What’s App. Once the app is downloaded, texts are free.

iPhone, Android, Blackberry Cost: 99¢

Camera Plus – Turns your phone into a gadget-filled camera. Includes flash, a grid for perfectly straight shots, 6x digital zoom, easy sharing and more.

iPhone, iPad Cost: 99¢

Flight Board – View the arrivals and departure boards for any airport, anywhere. Perfect for travelers whose trips include lots of connections.

iPhone, iPad, Android Cost: $3.99

Pano – You can have the BEST vacation pictures. The app guides you with a virtual template to shoot up to 16 still photos and then creates a 360° panoramic shot.

iPhone, iPad, Android Cost: 99¢

HearPlanet – Your own personal audio tour. Choose your city, neighborhood or landmark, then listen and learn.

iPhone, iPad, Android Cost: $2.99

OMaps – “O” stands for “offline.” Download maps of your destination cities before you travel, and then view them on your phone offline with no data charges. Great for international travelers.

iPhone, iPad Cost: $1.99

My Vacation – Easily record your travels in this journal app. Add maps, include audio or text captions with photos, share online, and more.

iPhone, iPad Cost: $2.99

And for just a few dollars more…

FlightTrack – Track any aircraft’s departure, arrival and real-time flight status. Shows gate changes, delays, aircraft type, along with extras such as satellite and weather maps of the plane’s destination.

iPhone, iPad, Android Cost: $4.99

iMovie – Create cinematic masterpieces from your vacation photos (or any photos). You can add movie trailers, effects and sound.

iPhone, iPad Cost: $4.99

Prices listed for all travel apps are current to the best of our knowledge as of this post. Check with your local smart phone or tablet provider for up to date information.