The State of the Cruise Market

The State of the Cruise Market


At this time in our history, travelers are more aware than ever of events around the world. We are not going to tell you that all is well and no matter where you travel, there are no issues that may make you uncomfortable while planning your next vacation.

What we would like to point out is that, while there are no guarantees, traveling to many parts of the world by cruise ships have been the surest way for travelers to experience the wonders and history of the seven continents as safely as possible, except for sitting home while others choose to travel.

Of course, you can always choose to sit on a beach in the Caribbean sipping Mai Tai’s and wonder why the experienced travelers are enjoying their cruise vacations in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, the Arctic and the Antarctic.

It’s all about choices

Cruise lines constantly monitor conditions that may affect the safety and concerns of passengers to insure safe passage.

We have recently asked clients whether they know of or read about or seen on the Internet or watched news stations of an incident involving a cruise ship that was a result of the “bad” people that have been wreaking havoc around the world. The answer, a “resounding NO!”.

Cruise ships will divert their itineraries in the event there are possible disturbances that may affect their destinations.

Your bucket list can always wait until the “right time”, whenever that may be.