The Newest River Cruise Concept

The Newest River Cruise Concept


Will wider be the next evolution of river cruise ships?

The ever growing river cruise market seems to have no end in sight. While some demand for ocean cruises has slowed a bit (more on that later), river cruise companies have been adding new ships at a pace never seen before.

River cruises, in general, have always attracted a very specific type of traveler. This clientele is not interested in lavish swimming pools, entertainment theaters with Las Vegas style shows, choices of up to 18 restaurant options, or tendering from ship to ports. Rather, the interests lie in visiting ports that ocean cruises cannot get access, immersing in the culture, enjoying local food and sharing time with small groups of travelers

Granted, the old river boats traveling through the Danube, Rhine, Main, Seine and Douro rivers of Europe were pretty archaic in accommodations. Such is not the case today. Balconies, French Balconies and suites are the new norm for the most popular lines such as Viking River Cruises, AMA Waterways, Avalon Waterways, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, and Tauck.

Now, another innovative concept is about to happen. The extra wide river cruise is coming from AMA Waterways, rated by Berlitz as the “World’s Best River Cruise Line”, sailing the Danube River through the heart of Europe.. The soon-to-be-built for a 2019 launch, the AmaMagna will be almost twice the width of the norm, allowing for an abundance of 300 square feet ultra-luxury suites, more dining venues and more onboard activities.

To make it even more interesting, the AmaMagna will feature an open-water sports platform on the ship, which will give guests access to zodiac boats, canoes and jet skis. A larger spa and gym area and enhanced evening entertainment are also being touted River boats have always had restrictions on the width of the ship based on the narrow locks encountered through the rivers of Europe.

A little known fact is the exceptional width on the Danube River. So why not build a wider ship for the most popular river destinations.

Crystal Cruises addressed that issue when they built the ultra-luxury Mozart, which they purchased from the defunct Peter Deilman cruise line. Some say the Crystal Mozart has been “Crystalized”. The critics have deemed the Mozart as the first truly luxury river cruise experience touring the amazing sites through the heartland of Europe in first-class style.,

Now comes the AMAMagna from AMA Waterways, the first “wide ship” built from the ground up.

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