Regent Cruises Offers Up to 52 Free Shore Excursions

Regent Cruises Offers Up to 52 Free Shore Excursions


Enjoy a drive through the charming Tuscan countryside in Italy. Then follow your well-informed Regent Seven Seas tour guide through the Duomo and across the Pontevecchio in Florence, and learn the story of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Visit the Vatican in Rome including the Sistine Chapel. It’s Free!

Explore the historic Summer Palace of Catherine the Great in St. Petersburg, Russia. Take a leisurely canal cruise; visit magnificent Peterhof, former home of Czar Peter the Great. Wind you way through the world-renowned Hermitage Museum. It’s Free with your Regent Seven Seas cruise !

Put on your dancing shoes in Buenos Aires and learn to tango from a master dance instructor, on stage at one of the premier tango show theaters. Ascend Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro with your Regent shipmates for a close up view of the famous majestic statue of Christ, and a breathtaking panoramic view of Rio. On Regent Seven Seas Cruises, it’s Free!Say g’day to your mate in Australia as you tour one of the most recognized landmarks in the modern world – the Sydney Opera House. Accompany a Regent tour guide to the Australia Zoo in Brisbane, where the late Steve Irwin built his life’s work. Visit open range kangaroo and koala sanctuaries in Melbourne; learn about these native Australian animals from certified local nature guides. Share lunch with members of an Australian aboriginal tribe and hear their stories. It’s all Free!

Cruising Asia on Regent Seven Seas? Step inside the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, home to the last Emperor. Visit the temples of Thailand. In Vietnam, get a taste of the bustling cities of Saigon and Ho Chi Minh City, or gaze in wonder at the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay. Do it all. All these excursions are Free!

In addition to free airfare, free wine and mixed drinks and free gratuities, Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers up to 52 free unlimited shore excursions. You can have the best of everything – all-inclusive, five-star luxury, all the amenities the discriminating traveler expects, and top of the line shore excursions and tours, led by highly knowledgeable, friendly, English-speaking guides.

Regent Seven Seas cruise offers up to 52 free shore excursions, depending on the itinerary. From the Caribbean to the Baltics to the South Pacific to South America, on almost every cruise in almost every port, there is a free excursion waiting for you. It’s a Regent Seven Seas distinction. You deserve it.