Marcy & Jeff’s Silversea Cruise: Expectations Exceeded and Prejudices Shattered

Marcy & Jeff’s Silversea Cruise: Expectations Exceeded and Prejudices Shattered


As we prepared to depart for our recent Silversea cruise, Jeff was vexed about the suit and tie, newly dry-cleaned and carefully packed in the suitcase. We’re not used to cruises that require formal dress. We’re all about casual luxury. The picture in our heads about the Silversea cruise we were embarking on was “formality.” As we soon discovered, yes, there were formal nights, but that’s where the formality ended.


From the moment we stepped onto the Silver Whisper in Lisbon, we were taken by the inviting atmosphere, and the ship’s staff and crew who welcomed us as if we were family. After the first day, not only our butler, but also many of the crew members greeted us by name. How are you today, Mr/Mrs. Silverman?

As invited guests, we were given a tour of the ship. What we saw were spaces that were traditionally decorated, but not stuffy or formal, comfortable, inviting and yes, casual. Pure luxury with relaxed and friendly overtones

We even got a private tour of the bridge and met the crew that steered the ship! Did we think the ship steered itself? Sometimes it does, but with monitoring. It’s like a giant GPS but with more gadgets.


The theater was very comfy, like a Las Vegas lounge, with “bucket type” swivel chairs and sofas to sink into, but were we going to be blown away by the entertainment on such a small ship? The answer was YES!

The Panorama Lounge is billed as a space for Silversea guests to enjoy afternoon cocktails, high tea, and quiet music. But wait! There’s a dance floor….

That dance floor turned out to be one of many happy Silversea surprises. We spent several nights dancing and partying until the wee hours on that floor. We laughed, danced and partied with new friends and old friends. Welcome to our new Silversea family!

We let loose and had a ton of fun.


On a very warm sea day, we lounged at the pool. By then we had already learned that the staff on Silver Whisper was more than skilled and attentive, they were warm and friendly. They learned our names within hours of sailing. We shouldn’t have been surprised, then, to be offered a chilled towel as we baked in the Mediterranean sun, and later, handed an icy, sweet sorbet. It was heaven on the high seas.

After an amazing shore excursion to Mont St. Michel, we discovered just how extraordinary our Silversea butler really is. After we dragged our tired selves back to the ship at the end of our 8 hour tour and practically crawled into our suite, we were astonished to find a note from our steward, welcoming us back from our long day. A bath had been drawn, apparently within moments of our arrival, with rose petals floating in the still-hot water, bath salts already dissolved, electric candles flickering, a dish of fresh strawberries and a bottle of champagne chilling.


Here we are enjoying a pre-show cocktail in the Show Lounge with good friends. The dressy attire wasn’t as formal as years gone by. A suit for the guys; a dress for the gals. And that was only for 2 nights. We were all quite comfortable. And we discovered that getting dressed up for dinner and shows makes the event seem special. Digital cameras and IPads are the best. You don’t like one shot, you take another.

And speaking of the shows…

We were quite pleasantly surprised at the quality of entertainment on Silversea.

Six talented young performers amazed us each night with something different. And each night’s show was as enjoyable as the others. From the music of Abba to the scintillating scores of Les Miserable, these performers were “spot on”.

Not only did these brilliant singers entertain us, but they mingled among the passengers during the cruise, enjoying the wonderful Silversea experience as much as the rest of us. Jeff: “Hi Vince.” Vince: “Hi Jeff! Are you and Marcy enjoying the cruise?”


La Terrazza showcases Italian recipes, advancing the Slow Food concept (as opposed to “fast food”) – that is, using locally grown, fresh ingredients. For example, olive oil and vinegar from Umbria, mozzarella from Naples, and a signature aged Parmigiano Reggiano from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. With Slow Food, Silversea announces its commitment to sustaining regional land usage and cultural growing traditions.

La Champagne is a Relais & Chateaux specialty venue offering an exceptional experience. An expert sommelier presented us with rare wines, and paired them with a 6-course tasting menu featuring delightful and appealing regionally-inspired dishes.

This unassuming little poolside grill transformed into a nifty restaurant at night. “Hot Rocks” dining on the Silversea Whisper is a fun, interactive restaurant experience where we were presented with a red-hot volcanic rock plate, and we got to grill our own entrees. It was something different and unexpected, and of course, delicious!


Silversea’s small ships can dock in places that large ships simply cannot reach. Here in Bordeaux we walked off the ship and right into town. But wait! How is it that there are no big ships there? Because the dock is on a river, too shallow for most cruise ships, but not ours.

One evening we returned to our suite to find that our amazing personal butler remembered we both were celebrating our birthdays this month! There it was, unexpected. A table set up with a cake, lighting, and a bottle of champagne and birthday balloons. Who does that on a luxury cruise ship?

And of course…

Complimentary wine and spirits, including a bar in every suite, stocked with your preferred beverages, and no bill to go with it. We don’t overindulge, but it’s certainly a nice perk.

Our Silversea cruise surprised us in so many ways, that we ended up surprising ourselves. We booked another cruise while onboard to take advantage of the extra savings. Why don’t you come with us?

Where are we going? We fly into Singapore, cruise the South China Sea through Viet Nam and end in Hong Kong. We’ll be planning special shore excursions and a private cocktail party for all joining us. Click here for your invitation!

Give us a call and let us surprise YOU with Silversea Cruises.