It takes a Certain Kind of Traveler for Very Small Cruise Ships

It takes a Certain Kind of Traveler for Very Small Cruise Ships


In my blog post on July 13 I discussed small cruise ships.

The ships from Seabourn , Oceania, VikingRegent, Silversea and Crystal appeal to those of you that appreciate the more intimate, luxury atmosphere of traveling without all the bells and whistles that the large cruise ships tout.

How much smaller than those and why choose a very small , maximum 150 guests, cruise ship is the question.

For now, let’s just call this category the “expedition adventure cruise ships”. Scroll down to learn more.

If you are more interested in the incredible itineraries that larger and even mid-size ships cannot navigate to, where the immersion to the local culture and cuisine is more paramount, then choose these.

If you would like a ship’s staff that shares your passion for travel in a more intimate way, then choose these.

If you enjoy a totaly relaxed atmosphere where casual dress codes are the norm, then choose these

If you wish to engage with a staff of naturalists, guest lecturers and historians, then choose these.

If you prefer guided tours accompanied by specialists more knowledgeable in the culture of many of the world’s most intriguing destinations, then choose these.

If you wish to travel with a maximum of 150 like-minded guests, (many are even half that size), then choose these.

I am not suggesting you can’t have a cruise adventure on a bigger ship. Miriam- Webster uses the definition of adventure as, “an exciting or remarkable experience.”

With the exception of the Celebrity Xpedition (not a misspelling) and her new sister ships,Xperience and Xploration, the leader in the field is Linblad National Geographic.

However, Celebrity fans that wish to enjoy the true experience of the Galapagos Islands on 7, 10, 11 and 15 day itineraries will not be disappointed. Click Here for sailings.

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Linblad Expedition Cruises

The plethora of choices for Linblad’s expedition cruises range from travel to Costa Rica and Panama, exploring British Columbia & the San Juan Islands, Columbia and Snake Rivers Journeys, Whales & Wilderness in the Sea of Cortez, Baja California, South Georgia & The Falklands, a Journey to Antarctica, Patagonia: Chilean Fjords and Argentina’s Staten Island, and, of course, Machu Picchu & Peru’s Land of the Inca plus the Upper Amazon. And, there’s more. New! The Real Cuba.

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Linblad National Geographic Explorer moves with the season, navigating her way from the south through Norway up to the Norwegian Arctic, Iceland and Greenland. How else can you get such experiences as a remotely operated vehicle to explore down to 1,000 feet of the polar ocean; remote-controlled crow’s nest camera broadcasting real time footage on high definition LCD video screens in each cabin; large fleets of MK-5 Zodiacs for landings and double kayaks for true adventure travel?

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