Are Tauck Tours and River Cruises Worth More?

Are Tauck Tours and River Cruises Worth More?


In this world of Internet bargains and direct mailers, it is not always easy to determine what makes a particular tour company or river boat company a good deal.

Brochures and websites don’t always tell the whole story. How does a Tauck escorted tour or a Tauck river cruise stack up against competition?

This will depend on the traveler’s expectations. In Tauck’s case, the “You Get What You Pay For” motto has never been more evident.

Tauck spends over two years researching, tweaking and refining all their trips to insure that guests experience the very finest of each and every city, country and port they offer to their discerning guests.

The Value

Any tour company can get you there. Do you have concerns about the accommodations before you go, or is just getting there your priority? On a Tauck land vacation, where you stay and how you are treated are important. Centrally located and upscale hotels are the norm for Tauck guests. Tips at hotels and restaurants. Taken care of. Transfers from the airport to start your voyage. Taken care of. Transfers to the airport for your trip home. Taken care of.

Food is important to all of us. Are you expecting just different food choices than you can get at home? Or are you looking forward to a dining experience out of the ordinary? Tauck guests may enjoy cooking demonstrations and personal classes with chefs, bakers and candy makers, as well as private teas and wine pairings. Most itineraries include a surprise stop or two to join locals for a Tauck exclusive dining venue.

What are the extra charges for all these goodies? Nothing. Expect everything and you will not be disappointed.

Tauck’s tour guides are as good as it gets. So how much do the knowledgeable and experienced staff require for their services? Nothing. Gratuities are always included.

How about optional excursions? There are none. Everything is included. No surprise charges.

On a Tauck river cruise you can expect more than regional wines. Premium spirits are served along with beer, specialty coffees, soft drinks and bottled water.

Tauck’s river cruise itineraries travel the Danube, Rhine, Main, Rhone, Saone and Seine rivers.

While other river cruise lines offer only a few larger staterooms, Tauck’s Jewel Class and Inspiration Class ships have twenty-two 300 sq. Ft. cabins and thirty-two 225 sq. ft. cabins, including 8 innovative loft cabins — a whopping 80{625323b24af37c24f5a97fddb81c67dba8bd357996214eb0318c02ab7c1b66cd} of the entire capacity!

Exclusive Access

Tauck guests on both land and rivers enjoy included experiences like no others.

  • Private dinners in outstanding venues: a Normandy chateau, a medieval castle in the Czech Republic, dining at famed local restaurants such as the glamorous Fouquet’s in Paris, home to the French “Oscars.”
  • Private events such as a recital at the Bela Bartok House in Budapest, or a private reception, dinner, concert and tour at Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle.
  • These are but a few of the “Exclusively Tauck” experiences. And there’s more. Lots more!

    Tauck Bridges for Multigenerational Travel. A Great Way for Families to Share the World

    Traveling with your family presents an opportunity for all ages to spend precious time together and see the world as previous generations could only dream about. From Wonders of the Canadian Rockies to The Pacific, Redwoods and Yosemite in America, from a Galapagos Wildlife Wonderland to the Jungles and Rainforests in Costa Rica, from Castles and Kings in London and Paris to an Alpine Adventure through Lucerne and St. Moritz in Europe, a Tauck Bridges voyage inspires and engages travelers from generation to generation.

    Call your Key Traveler Tauck specialist to learn more. Every Tauck Tour and River Cruise is booked with the Key Traveler “Lowest Price Guarantee.” Let us show you the travel experience of your dreams..